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The Bio Belt is a great new addition to the BioMat product line. Because of it’s smaller size and velcro belt, this Mini BioMat is the most versatile BioMat, and can be used on many parts of the body that are harder to reach with the larger mats. It also works great in combination with the larger mats. The active crystal portion is 8″ x 18″ x 1″. And the included velcro belt fits all sizes up to 54″.  It works by heating rows of stones, which convert conductive heat into Far Infrared Light.







Use the Bio Belt…
*On the abdominal area to aid digestion and reduce abdominal fat
*On targeted areas to relieve joint pain or speed tissue repair.
*In combination with the BioMat for a synergistic effect.


Can it really reduce belly fat?
The Bio Belt is particularly useful on the abdominal area.  The warmth directly speeds up digestive enzymes, which produces a cascade of other effects. Digestion and metabolism are improved, and serotonin levels increase, leading to satiety and reduction of appetite.
Although more controversial, there is a theory that the body produces belly fat in order to protect the digestive system from heat loss, precisely because temperature is so crucial to digestion.  If this is true, then over a a longer period of time, the Bio-Belt would also reverse this pattern.
Placing the Jewelry Belt around the waist pleasantly warms the whole body. And it is easy to use while sitting in your office chair, watching TV, or working on the computer.


It uses eight types of semi precious stones: Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Elvan and Quartz.



The Bio Belt comes in a standard belt length of up to 54″ or a longer version which can accomodate up to 76″.